About Us

Integrated Supply Chain (ISC) is a global community of Supply Chain professionals dedicated to networking and sharing of knowledge, experience, best practice and research analysis in order to help the member organisations learn how to improve their Supply Chain Management processes.

We collaborate with supply chain associations, leading supply chain practitioners, thought leaders, academics, analysts, end-users and supplier organisations to provide the latest system thinking and supply chain knowledge to help senior managers understand what strategies and solutions they need to employ in their organisations in order to achieve Supply Chain Operational Excellence. 

Through the ‘ISC’ Academy, we support the members of the ‘ISC’ community in developing and nurturing the next generation Supply Chain talent and building in-house skills and capabilities by providing expert led training focused on performance analysis, strategy development, embedding best practice, driving innovation and applying supply chain methodologies.

At ‘ISC’ Conferences, our members have an unrivalled opportunity to meet, network and learn from recognised industry experts and fellow practitioners. Through key trends analysis and end-user case studies we enable the companies to benchmark their own operations against industry standards and identify improvement opportunities in all aspects of their supply chains. We offer insight into how to innovate and leverage new technologies to drive operational efficiencies and gain competitive advantage.

Finally, through ‘ISC’ Talent we work with companies and individual members to find, match and recruit the best supply chain talent for specific jobs or projects.

'Integrated Supply Chain' is an educator about the latest supply chain thinking and helps companies understand how to address the most challenging questions facing their Supply Chain operations by providing the knowledge, tools, experience and expert insight into what they need to do to achieve the optimum value chain for their customers.

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