TEDAR (Supply Chain Management Association) has been established by 7 companies in Turkey (Siemens A.Ş., Koç Zer, Borusan Holding A.Ş., Finansbank A.Ş., Bosch Turkey, Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances, PMMS) in December 2013.

TEDAR mainly aims to contribute to the business expectations by sharing supply chain principles and best practices inaccordance with the Republic of Turkey constitution and Competition Law regulations, promote supply chain function and create a networking opportunity to supply chain professionals.

The vision of Tedar is to become a non-governmental organisation in Turkey, which adds world class value to all stakeholders in suppy chain. The mission of Tedar is to form supply chain principles together with our stakeholders, in accordance with the sustainability & diversity principles and ethical values, in line with the business expectations, and add value to the competitiveness of the country by contributing to the development of supply chain function and professionals.

Main focus topics are to:

  • Form supply chain management principles in the country and contribute to the development of supply chain management function
  • Bring supply chain professionals together in order to provide an opportunity to share ideas & best practices
  • Ensure to maintain sustainability in supply chain management
  • Conduct studies in strategic topics in supply chain management
  • Conduct researches in supply chain related topics for the future
  • Work actively on needs of supply chain management implementations and business expectations
  • Work jointly with universities in supply chain management topics and organize conferences
  • Create opportunities for members to meet each other, communicate and network in order to ensure them to be informed about the developments of supply chain management function in Turkey

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