Who We Are

‘ISC’ Academy is a division of Integrated Supply Chain and its goal is to help all companies understand that their employees are their best assets. We help to train your employees in order for them to drive innovation within your company.  We show you how to utilise your employees to align your people & processes strategy from a top down, bottom up approach in order for them to work in sync.

In a time when Supply Chain Management is going through a skills shortage, the only way to improve and hold on to your best and brightest talent is to help educate, develop and lead them to be innovators for your organisation.        

We do this by assessing both the people and the processes to see where there is misalignment and show you how to improve, and see that both work together through a systems-thinking approach in order to drive change, reduce costs and increase profits. Ultimately we help you to achieve Supply Chain Operational Excellence within your organisation.

When the world’s most serious companies need to transform their Supply Chain capabilities, they turn to Integrated Supply Chain. From one-off projects to a Supply Chain revolution, discover how we can support your business to grow your competitive advantage and succeed in the market.



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